B.C. Humpback Shrimp - 1 lb

Completely natural wild BC shrimp, caught and frozen at sea by Organic Ocean fishermen. 454 gr.

$23.99 $29.99

Cascumpec Large - 50 ct

SPECIAL: Get a free Cascumpec oyster knife with your purchase of a case of 50 Cascumpec LG oysters! Raised in the waters of Cascumpec Bay, PEI, these oysters are large with full meats and a clean, briny taste. Fully sustainable, these ...


Cod Fillet - 200 gr

Did you know that our cod is from and MSC certified sustainable fishery and is cut every day on-site by our expert fishmongers? With two arrivals per week we guarantee the freshness of our cod.

$7.99 $10.59

PEI Halibut Fillet - 200 gr

Fillet of freshly cut farmed PEI halibut. Its firm, rich meat is delicious prepared any way.

$8.79 $11.59

Classic Oyster Dozen

A dozen fresh Atlantic (Malpèque) oysters chozen by our fishmonger. Oysters are freshly opened at the hour of your order and ready to enjoy!


Savory Clams - 2 lbs

A species that thrives in British Columbia, these thin-shelled clams pack the most meat per pound of any clam in the world. We purge these clams in seawater, so they are always fresh, plump, and sand-free. 

$9.99 $11.99

Black Cod fillet - 200 gr

Farmed Black Cod. Delicate and fatty meat, buttery and creamy flavor. Easily cooked in the pan or oven for a rich and delicious flavor.

$14.69 $17.29


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