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Bluefin Tuna - 200gr

Reserve your portion of fresh Bluefin Tuna caught in Mexico. We will cut a beautiful steak of about 200gr of freshly arrived tuna from our coasts. 


Atlantic Salmon - 11 lbs

Stock up on fresh atlantic salmon and save! Purchase your whole salmon and our expert fish cutter will steak, fillet, or portion your fish according to your preference. 


Baby Halibut - 3kg

Nova Scotia raised baby Halibut, 100% Canadian and sustainable. Terrestrial tank aquaculture method, certified sustainable and natural without hormones or antibiotics. Firm and tender white flesh with a delicate savory taste. 


Cape d'Or Organic Salmon - 200 gr

Fresh Canadian Atlantic salmon, 100% natural and certified organic raised in Nova Scotia. Fatty and tasty, this salmon is ideal for sushi, tartare, or any cooking method, 200gr fillet, perfect for one serving.

$8.39 $8.79

Coho Salmon - 1.5 kg

Farmed Coho salmon from BC ! Order it whole, cleaned, or filleted by our fishmongers. Approximatively 1.5 kg.


Coho Salmon - 200 gr

B.C. farmed Coho Salmon ! Order your 200 gr portion online.


Ōra King Salmon - 200 gr

Ōra King is our unique, best of breed salmon. The world's best chefs love this salmon for its exceptional yield and even cooking. The high oil content delivers a pleasantly rich, luscious taste with a clean finish and an elegant, silky ...


Sea Smelts - 1 lb

Sea Smelts are a small fish found near the shores and estuaries of the Maritimes. Silvery in color and with a fine and delicious white flesh, this little fish can be prepared in many ways. Buy the 10lbs crate to make it a treat with your ...


Arctic Charr - whole (3lbs)

Fresh whole Quebec Arctic Charr from Raymer Aquaculture is a high quality local fish available year-round. Its fine flesh, high in omega-3 fatty acids, and its delicate, refined flavour are prized by connoisseurs, making it an ideal fish ...


Atlantic Salmon - 200 gr

Fresh Canadian Atlantic salmon, farm-raised. 200gr fillet, perfect for one serving.


Black Sea Bass - 1 kg

Black sea bass flesh is firm and lean, with a mild, delicate flavor. Scaled and gutted. Gross weight 1 kg. 


Cobia - 200 gr

Open Blue Cobia is a truly versatile fish that offers a world of culinary possibilities. The high quality sashimi grade means you can enjoy it raw or cooked across a wide range of applications. As for the taste - it can't be beat; with a ...

$6.89 $8.29

Over 200 Species of Fish and Seafood

Over 200 Species of Fish and Seafood

Our passion for seafood pushes us to constantly improve our business. We are proud to offer our customers the best:



-Product range

-Organic, wild and sustainable products



-ServiceWith daily arrivals, chefs always have something to make their menus shine. We are constantly looking for great and unique products to provide our customers who have an eye for freshness, quality as well as concern for the environment and accountability to producers.
Come and meet us and let us advise you on our wide variety of fresh fish and seafood. Choose from over 50 fish species: American Red Snapper, Striped Bass, Roballo, Turbot, Atlantic Salmon, Organic Salmon and Wild Salmon just to name a few popular choices.

The largest selection of fresh fish fillets in Montreal!

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