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Les poissons et fruits de mer sont souvent disponibles en quantités limitées. Certains produits d'importation sont disponibles sur commande seulement. Soyez sûrs d'avoir vos produits préférés au moment désiré en plaçant votre commande d'avance!

Bluefin Tuna - 200 gr

Reserve your portion of fresh Bluefin Tuna wild caught in Nova Scotia. We will cut a beautiful steak of about 200 gr of freshly arrived.


Fresh Peeled Nordic Shrimp - 1 lb

Fresh local nordic shrimp, these are small, salty at the outset with a sweet meat. Perfect for your salads, pastas, or just as a snack. 454gr.


Sardines - 500 gr

Fresh sardines from Portugal, excellent grilled on the BBQ or marinated in fillet!


Soft Shell Crab

Reserve your live soft-shell crab. The famous blue crab of the Atlantic molts in very specific conditions, the result: this delicacy which can be consumed whole.


Urchin Roe (QC) - 100 gr

Freshly caught sea urchins from Rimouski, called the foie gras of the sea! These are already opened and prepared in 100 gr trays, ready to use.


Dover Sole - 450 gr

Lean white flesh with a delicate flavor. Fresh and WIld from portugal. Minimum weight 450 gr.


Hiramasa fillet - 200 gr

Hiramasa Kingfish is a superior quality fish, raised in Australia by Clean Seas. Its rosy flesh, fatty yet firm with a delicate flavor,  is sure to delight you raw or grilled.


Razor Clams - 1 lb

Razor clams owe their name to their knife-handle shape. Rich in proteins, this mollusc of 10 to 20 cm long lives buried in the sand and is harvested during the low tides along the Atlantic coast.


Kusshi - 60 ct

Raised in the deep waters of Baynes Sound in BC, Kusshi's shell is beautifully smooth and easy to open. Its deep cup filled with a copious flesh with a firm texture and a deliciously invigorating ocean taste. The exquisite flavour of ...


Smoked Salmon - 250 gr

Our home smoked salmon follows the traditional Montreal recipe. We use only the best Canadian Atlantic salmon, never frozen, filleted and cold smoked on site by our expert fishmongers.


Glidden Point - 50 ct

Very juicy, crisp and plump. The Glidden Point oyster is carefully hand-picked by Barbara Scully respecting the environment and the oyster's natural development.  



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