Cherrystone Clams - Dz

A dozen large cherrystone clams, meaty and delicious. Serve them raw with your oysters or make clams casino!


Fresh Squid - 1lb

Fresh Squid.


Sea Urchins - 1/2 Dz

A half dozen feshly caught sea urchins from Maine, called the foie gras of the sea! Available by case of 10lbs online. 


Littleneck Clams - 2 lbs

The Littleneck clam is the most popular on the market, always delicious and meaty.


Saltspring Mussels - 5 lbs

Our premium quality Saltspring Island Mussels are grown in the incredibly rich, cool, clean coastal waters of British Columbia. The abundance and variety of phytoplankton and microalgae in these waters is the primary reason behind these ...

$32.99 $37.99

Urchin Roe (BC) - 125 gr

Freshly caught sea urchins from British Columbia, called the foie gras of the sea! These are already opened and prepared in 125 gr trays, ready to use.  


Savory Clams - 2 lbs

A species that thrives in British Columbia, these thin-shelled clams pack the most meat per pound of any clam in the world. We purge these clams in seawater, so they are always fresh, plump, and sand-free. 


Organic Blue Mussels - 2 lbs

The classic blue PEI mussel, certified organic, in a 2 lbs bag.



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